Trip to the river Lek in the Netherlands!

3개월 전

Tulip season is on a hold in the Netherlands because of the cold weather. They covered up many of tulip fields with plastic so the bulbs don't frees up. But on my way there a crossed the dyke near the river Lek!
There you can see already that its spring time!

This is an old picture of the place, I needed a teaser for you guys ;)

Lek shoot.jpg

On the left you see the flood plains. Farmers use that for the cows and to grow crops. And they hope the rivers wil not flood when it's almost harvesting time. But do to the flooding the floodplains are very fertile over there. normally it overflows in winter due to melt-water from the German and Switzerland.
Sometimes even in spring or summer when it's very wet.


Here you see the breakwater in the corners of the rivers where the flow needs to be reduced. Often those trees at the end are under need the water due to high water.


Then it looks like this from the sky!

We also have beaches like this small one but they are not for recreation, that's forbidden because of danger's currents and shipping, they are for the cows who want to drink or cool of.


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