This is our sweet Symphony on her very last day being 3 months old. The time has ...


... been running by so quickly and I had to capture her in this moment. She is actually starting to roll over now which is amazing. I will try and get a great recording of it to share with you all soon.


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Awww 🥰 Sweet Symphony adorable 😍


☺️☺️☺️ Thanks sooo much my friend🙃 happy weekend 😇


Thanks a lot beauty😇

OMG So Precious!😍 That smile could light up anybody's day!


We are blessed to hear that ❤️ we love to share love and happiness 🥰


Thats awesome!

😻😻😻 Nice to come back.


thanks for welcoming us again ☺️😇

Babys are the cutest! 🤍


Oh YES👌🏾

She's so cute. I would love to see more videos like this🤗


oh yes ... I am happy to hear that ☺️ more is coming soon 🥳

She's very cute! What a lovely baby 😍


You are so kind 😇 thank you Nortetwrder


Oops Nortetrader

She is so adorable and she is growing so fast 💨, such a pleasure to see her😊


Thanks a lot for this lovely comment ☺️ we are so blessed and happy for this amazing community 😍

Hahaha...cute 😊⭐️


thanks so much 🌺