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... you see here in the photo is a ESC board for a DJI Spark. ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller and is placed directly beneath the motor in case of the DJI Spark. Next to controlling the precise speed of the propeller while flying different menouvers it protects as well the electric motor. It has a kind of a fuse which stops the motor in case of a heavy crash so the motor itself will not be damaged.
While replacing a broken motor can cost up to $50 these ESC boards are quite affordable with about $10 per piece and can be changed by yourself if you have a basic knowledge of electronic.
So why do I have one you might ask yourself. Well some weeks back in France I shot a promotion video for some friends of us to showcase their holiday house.
One shot I wanted to catch was the drone flying through the opening gate. To make it more spectacular I wanted to fly through it very scatchy and close to the Iron doors. Well, if you fly to close to the sun, you burn your wings and in my case I burned the ESC board while the drone crashed full speed into the door. Now after many weeks I finally got the spare parts delivered and will be able to change the board to make my favorite toy fly again.
I really missed to fly it lately and to get great areal shots to share with you.
Ok, thats for today, hope you enjoyed my little excurs in drone technology👊🏼


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That was an adventure but let say that was a learning experience. Well explain and thanks for sharing it 🤩✨👌🏿


thanks for stopping by Cele🤙🏻

Totally new for me.. thanks for teaching us


you are welcome🤙🏻thanks for reading

One of the toys on my wish list, I already have at least one useful teaching 😎

Happy week


one of the most useful toys in my case🤙🏻 happy week to you

Looks like you know your toys 😉👍🏻


not all of them but my favorite quite well😉thanks for stopping by🤙🏻

Too small but it is very usefull.😇


absolutely👊🏼 thanks for reading and stopping by

Very interesting, like to see the shots from the holiday home made by the drone 😎


thanks for reading and stopping by, yes I will post the video today so you can have a look. I checked the crash video again and it stops right in the moment it hits the gate😅 have a great day, thanks for stopping by🤙🏻


😁 great, thanks 👍👍👍

great to see that this ESC. it's not standard that you can just replace functional elements like that. modular systems are more expensive but worth it, less waste. i wished that this would become more commodity as well for mobile phones like fairphone.😊


absolutely agree, unfortunately the manufacturers are making it more and more difficult to just replace and repair parts. In case of DJI I figured out that the Spark is the only drone in their product line where these ESC boards can be replaced that easy. In the other models the ESC is integrated in the main board and is therefore harder to change and more expensive to buy. thanks for reading and stopping by🤙🏻

know your toys😎,thanks for sharing information about ESC🔥🔥🔥


thanks for reading and stopping by🤙🏻


yep, an angle inside the drone😅🤙🏻

... Schutzfunktion verbessert. Wo kann man das ESC Teil oder im allgemeinen solche Spezialteile bestellen? Sehr interessanter Beitrag 👌🏽 🤙😁


viele angebote gibts auch FernOst aber ich hab diesmal in Deutschland bestellt, auf Ebay beim Dronivo. beste Grüße mein Freund🤙🏻

Thanks bro for teaching about ESC😮 Glad to see this details🥰


you are welcome, thanls for stopping by🤙🏻

Amazing Esc..❤

Nice ESC..😍

That was an interesting explanation of the ESC circuit board... So how is the DJI SPARK? Worth it??

Krass. Mit der Air 2 hatte ich bisher einen sanften Absturz. Das neue Update hat noch einmal die Schürfungen

Cool I like it... Have a nice day!

Wow so nice