FINGERSTACHE | a mustache tattooed on the inside of the index finger. Why was that ...

2개월 전

... a thing once again? Yep, I asked myself the same question. WHY?
So I looked it up and want to share it with you.
In 2011, women began to getting finger mustache "fingerstache" tattoos as a way to show support for prostate cancer as a part of Movember.
And nope, I don't have any tattoos😉🤙🏻
Have an amazing day legends.


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I loved this idea and cool way to support Movember! Will you be growing a Stash this year!? It's a great cause!👍🥸🥸🥸

Big eyes👀 Good look bro😎


cheers bro

Simple gesture that made an impact 👏🏻


yeah🙏🏼did you know about it before? for me it was new


Tbh just came to know through you about this. I’m only familiar with the semicolon tatt & pink ribbon. 😊

Hey Keule, was hast Du denn geraucht?😉😁😍✌️😎Grüße aus der Hauptstadt 😎


😂😂😂da brauch ich nichts rauchen, ich hab fast täglich solche Dinge an die ich mich erinnere weil ich die irgendwann mal gesehen habe und dann frag ich mich, warum eigentlich? Und heut wars genau das. Woher das heut kam, keine Ahnung aber ich hab mich dran erinnert dass es einige aus meinem Freundeskreis zu Berliner Zeiten hatte. Beste Grüße aus Barcelona🤙🏻

Glad to know that term for the first time🙄 but its fun to do

interesting, i have never seen or heard of it before. this is also a way to show sympathy and support for a cause👍.

You look very funny there bro..😂😂😂

Never heard about it too 🤔

Ha ha ha so perfect for you 😜


hahah thanks my friend🤙🏻

Hahaha it fits perfectly smale-stache

Fast ein kleiner Führer lol**


Never know that. Thanks for charing your knowledge about this tattooart 👍🏻😊

This looks nice with you my dear friend... maybe you should definitely grow one ☝🏿

👀👀👀👀👀 looking awesome

Look so gorgeous

Solltest du dir Stechen lassen 🔥🔥✌🏽