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Mmmm long time I didn't have dumplings, I'm sure it will be DELICIOUS, Enjoy!🤤😋


ohhh yes, they turned out just fine👌🏻🙏🏼

I want to eat because dumplings food is my favorite 😉😋


yep, same here👊🏼

that's really delicious😋


ohhh yes, little bit of soja sauce and ready to go👌🏻have a great weekend

We love cooking that too 😉


good, healthy food👌🏻

i love them❣ and always reminds me on asian trips. i didn't try to cook them by myself yet. are they difficult to make?🤔


if you promise not to tell anyone, i give you my secret. open freezer, take out dumplings, place them in steamer for 15min et voila😂🤣 No time to make them from scratch🤫


🤣this is also my league.. sometimes🙃

Enjoy your meal!!! Fish fry here✌


not too bad either👌🏻👊🏼


it sure was👌🏻🙏🏼

Delicious food

Ummm yummy 😍

We called MOMO I love spicy dumplings (MOMO)😋😋

Once a week on my mealplan
Always a good decision I like them really much 😋 Great that you can do it at home like this !

Owwww my fav❣️❣️❣️