SLOVENIA | on the way up to the top, it happen what had to happen. I pinched my front ...

2개월 전

... tire and had to change the tube. Thankfully it worked out and we could continue our climb uphill. If we would not have taken tools and spare parts, a walk of about 6h down would have ruined the day.
"Nothing can stop me I am all the way up!"


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wow..looking so cool😍 stay safe..have a great day legend ❤🥰

wow looking so cool❤❤❤

What a great place!

Wow,,beautiful view

Great job legend 🤙🤙

Such a fabulous view! Happy Sunday my friend, always great to have a spare!🥰🤙🚲🚲🚲

Looking supper fantastic sir ❤️

Lucky you!!!