SLOVENIA | sleeping under the stars, outside in nature was unforgettable amazing. ...

2개월 전

... Although we had rented a house for the entire time in Slovenia, we went out for a 3 days hike and explored the mountains.
Wake up you sleepy heads and have an amazing start into the week🤙🏻


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Sleeping under the open sky feels like heaven👍👍👍👍

wow..what a wonderful place..❤ enjoy dear..❤ have a great day legend 🤙🤙🤙✊


same to you👊🏼

Peace full speace for sleeping

Its really good to sleep under the moon and star without mosquito.


Its really good to
Sleep under the moon and star
Without mosquito.

                 - olivia08

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Slept looking a lot of star and the good morning with the blue sky..

What a awesome experience! I used to do that many years ago, while out camping ! 🏕️👍🥰 Have a great week and good night!🏕️🌌🌠🌟😴🥱

Good Sleeping..🤫🤫🤫

That sounds great! 👍🏻

In hiking times it will add you more pleasure to stay at tent legend 🤙


I would say that depends on the weather and the place where you stay. There in the mountains, no rain and no moskitos, it was perfect without a tent👌🏻🤙🏻have a great day

Amazing experience looking so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

Well that's a one of a kind vacation👌🏼 and some quality time spent together💪🏼 love the shot!😆😄

Have a great day


Such an amazing feeling...staying and connected to nature...keep up 🤗❤️

Great start on the week to you two 😎 Cool exprience what a sleep 🙌 wasnt it cold last night I was inside and in Switzerland and we have had some ground frost last night. Hopefully you had a good warm night under the stars 😍


Hey Chris, no no sorry for the confusion, these last posts are all throwbacks to the summer of 2011. It was September and perfectly fine to sleep outside with a sleeping bag.👌🏻


Ohh yes for sure the Surroundings look little more diffrent then in winter or upcoming winter😅! Last warm nights
Cool thank you you inspired me for next summer to do this again 😁 🙌


Cool, love throwbacks!🌠🌟

Good place sleeping

After mountain exploring such kind of sleep is really pretty cool.