SLOVENIA | crossing the river after building a rock tower. Can you spot the tower ...

2개월 전

... in the background?
It's really fun leaving these little monuments behind after spending some time there. Have you ever build one of those rock towers on your travels?


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wow..what a wonderful place 😍❤ you are really brave dear..have great day legend ❤🤙🤙

Be careful bro 😉 I'm sure that was cool and refreshing...

We do this all the time at our river spot. This is cool and fun indeed.

Yes I see it!! What a great way to spend the day, we love doing this as well when we go down to the nearby river! 🥰👍🌊🏞️

Wow great shot

You're the rarest human being. You must have enjoyed a lot here. Life is beautiful when one remembers these moments later

Beautiful place ❤️❤️ be careful & have a good day sir.

Ahahah great 👌🏼 Yesss! Usualy by the river but mostly at the sea side when I was younger 😂 But now I wouldn't mind having some fun again and leave a trace 😎

Wow great shot

Yes, I often build these during travel in waterfalls

Be careful

is that the few storey rocks in the middle of the river, on top of a big rock... i really tried to find it 😂 and with that,,, missing our childhood days... swimming with siblings and dad while our mom is doing handwash n d river 😁😁😁 good old memories ❤️

Looking straight forward aligned with your raised left hand, if i am right that's your built rock tower, hehe. We also have this kind of river hear near us.. big rocks, cold water coming from the mountain.. we even let softdrinks sink under to make it colder. Hope you didn't have bruises coz you might have bumped into some of the rocks

War wohl ziemlich kühl der Fluss🥶🤣

Wonderful shot 😍