PLAYTIME | at the beach today. It's not very often that I have the chance to fly ...


... my kite. So today we spent some hours at the beach and could fly a bit. Not ideal conditions, as you can see it was a land breeze (wind from land to the sea) and this kind of wind is unpredictable and is not steady like a sea breeze. But great fun it was anyway.
Have you ever tried to fly a kite that is big enough to pull you through the sand?
Have an awesome weekend legends🤙🏻


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unfortunately not, but i'm always fascinated to watch these steered kites. the biggest kites i've see in bali, where groups of people fly their traditional up to 20m kites over the weekend.


it is indeed a sport, almost impossible to practice inland. I remember I tried it once when I was at my parents for a visit in the north of Berlin and it was impossible to fly as the wind is coming in gusts and its unpredictable. I have never been to Bali but ohhh boy what would I give to be there right now🤙🏻😂9°C In Barcelona and I want to escape. happy sunday my friend


🙏. i couldn't resist to post a video from a kite start in bali. maybe you can go for that size next time. i apply as volunteer for the starter team😊.

Looks like so much fun getting out having fun and enjoying life!!🥰🥰🥰👍


thats the spirit Karen🤙🏻happy Sunday

I flied.. It is tough to control when it's strong wind.. The kite was so big and i was feeling that it would take me from the earth 😐


yeah, thats where the real fun starts🤙🏻but I agree, the first time when it lifted me up I was quite scared👌🏻

Wow nice moment..enjoy...👌



Enjoy your day


thank you dear, happy Sunday🤙🏻

That must be awesome to FLY 😆


sooo much fun🤙🏻und sehr gutes Armtraining💪🏻🤭Schönen Sonntag


Das glaube ich dir! 💪🏻 Danke

Jooo, that is fun - and with a lot of wind even more fun.


ohhhhh yes🤙🏻Herbstwinde eignen sich da sehr gut👌🏻

Super ❤️ enjoy 🙌😊👌


Thanks Tati🤙🏻

reminds me my childhood!! Btw this kite is quite unique!👌


yeah, its an Elliot Magma 3.0, big enough to get pulled through the sand🤙🏻

Wanna see you in the sky with this? When we'll see that brother? Btw, stay safe


cheers bro👊🏼the winds in winter time are stronger and the beaches with less peeps, so lets see if I can get a video of me being lifted up in the air🤙🏻

Have a great time!!!


thank you, yes it was an amazing time🤙🏻happy Sunday

Beautiful day 👍enjoy dear


cheers🤙🏻happy sunday

Beautiful view


thank you🤙🏻happy sunday

Genau die gleiche Übung hab ich auch schon mal gemacht. Aufs Board hab ich’s bisher allerdings immer noch nicht geschafft 😅

Sieht nach jeder Menge Spaß aus 🤙🏽 mich hat ein Kite mal durch den Acker gezogen, weil ich, trotz wenig Wind, die Böen unterschätzt habe und noch nicht so geübt war. Zum Glück war kein Baum im Weg🤦🏽‍♀️ den Fehler mach ich nicht nochmal. Die Teile haben ordentlich Power aber machen auch ordentlich Spaß😅👌🏽

Owww please be careful: The wind may take you other places! 🙃