KITE ACTION | here you can see the power of a even small kite of 3m² and normal wind ...


... speeds.
With enough space on the beach and a nice strong sea breeze, you can actually make jumps of 15m and more or you can use a beach buggy to speed things up. One of my biggest dreams yet to make come true, is to use my kite together with my Snowboard. The ideas is having a layer of snow on top of a frozen lake and enough wind to get the action. Let's see if I can make this happen someday in the future.
Have an amazing Sunday legends🤙🏻


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Oha zerrt ganz schön der Wind am Drachen.

Viel Spass weiterhin


danke Dir🙏🏼schönen Sonntag🤙🏻

That was hard time for you to control the small kite ......but I think you enjoyed a lot ......have a nice day 🤗


ohhh yes, so enjoyable... indeed its quite exhausting holding on to this little beast😂💪🏻🤙🏻happy Sunday

Definitely looks impressive -and you have a crazy goal there 😆 Hals- und Beinbruch 😉

Different type kite's.. first time see 🪁🪁


yes, its one with 4 lines so it has basically a break system to make it drop down to the ground again. its made for sports but is not that pretty like tradtional🪁

amazing that looks so much fun🤩 i remember my childhood past when we were flying kite in the field but this one is a whole new level,amazing 🙌🙌🙌


ohhh yes, fun it is but no toy for kids indeed😅 happy sunday🤙🏻

wow..that's amazing.. 😍😍i hope you really enjoy your time ❤ have a nice day legend ❤❤🤙🤙


oh yes I did thank you🙏🏼happy Sunday to you my friend🤙🏻

Wow the wind and kits can almost lift you up!! 🤯⛱️🌬️

I bet it would take me off the ground 😂😂


yep that can hapoen with the kite in the full window and a propper gust it pulls you off💪🏻🤙🏻happy sunday my friend, hope you are doing good and things are getting better soon in Nigeria🙏🏼


Doing fine man, staying safe as we strive for better days 💪🏽

Amazing view

If you see yourself already doing it, its possible👍🏻

Woooooooh, awesome do you love adventures?

That is pretty much an amazing experience i guess... Like Maybe skating on a waterbody... Do click a video when you do it 😉

What a loco dream! 🔥I can imagine you making it happen, actually!

So amazing enjoying this game supper powerful man control this kite

I think im to small for that😂😂😂😂😂 ...... it would pick me up off the ground!!!☺