INTUITIVE | we all know how easy and intuitive APPICS is to use. However I made a ...

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... test and gave my phone to my 5 years old and let him do some curation. It is very fascinating to see how he does understand how the app works and as well how he is selecting the posts he likes to reward.
It was fun recording it and I will let him take over my phone and votes more often.
Have a great start into the week legends🤙🏻


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great test and proof of usability. when a 5 and 55 year old can operate the same app, it must really be simple 🤣. so i guess the upvotes will come from your son in future😁.


😂yes, great proof of concept👌🏻yep, from time to time I will let him do the job, it was quite funny seeing him selecting the posts...have a great evening, Grüße in die Schweiz🤙🏻

Good post, thanks!


thanks for stopping by🤙🏻

Have all the good start into the new week. I find it very impressive that a five year old can handle the app so well. I am also excited about the migration and the new app. I hope that it is just as intuitive and that it has more functions that are really needed.


yes, its impressive how easy the kids of today learn to use the technology of today👌🏻good user interface makes it possible💪🏻

He likes flowers 😍🌸 so sweet and amazing


😅yeah, he is quite romantic

I always love appics, easy to use, attractive front-end and mobile app..


absolutely, it is so much fun using it👌🏻

So cute😘😘 easily he done this ........he likes flower most🤔


hahaha yes, he likes flowers a lot😅

The rule is 100% upvote all the time to everyone! Teach her haha


i teached him to use my power wisely😅

You explained very well and he voted 100% for this lovely yellow flower. Very good very good


yes, he loves flowers and everything colourful👌🏻

That’s great 😀


well designed👌🏻

Learning by doing 🤗


absolutely💪🏻and starting early😅

Have the same experience, very curious to see how it works on an EOSIO built blockchain 💯🚀🚀🚀


i believe it will be the same easy but faster💪🏻

It feels great she chose my photo 🤣👌 Great post as always Legend 💪


yes, he loved the purple flower👌🏻thanks bro👊🏼

Haha this is a fantastic demonstration! So Easy A 5 Year Old Can Do It!! I Love it!!🥰🤙👍


yep, well designed user interface makes it possible👌🏻

Sometimes give him the phone and let him do this. It will be a lottery for some users 😉


yep thats true, he likes completely different posts then I do. so yes i think it is not a bad idea to let him do this from time to time and bring in some diversity😅🤙🏻

wow..that's amazing.❤ i have also same history. that's cool..stay safe have a nice day legend 🤙🤙❤


same to you bro👊🏼

Brilliant idea! I shall redirect peepz then to check this out when I created my step by step guide once we are already in Telos!

That’s a really experience for us too. To know people ( kids) could react on it... Amazingly made ... man. Great testing idea 💡...🤩✨🤩👌🏿genius !!

Good choice 👌

Ja, die jungen Leute sind einfach mit der Technologie grossgeworden. Wenn ichs meiner Mutter geben würde, sähe es ganz anders aus🤣🤣

He's romantic brother. 😊♥️
Seems he likes flowers a lot 😂💐🌹🌸

Wow! Interesting even children can