FLYING HIGH | in 2021. I believe strongly that the decentralized social media space ...

4개월 전

... has a bright future which will kick off this year. All this noise currently on conventional social media sites, with blocking/deleting accounts will result in a bigger interest in decentralized platforms where no censorship is possible. We, being here on APPICS, on or on HIVE have a huge advantage of being in those communities already.
If you are active on, sharing your videos, drop me your account name in the comments and I can give you a follow.🤙🏻
Have an amazing day ahead legends.


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Yeah for sure it feels like its going in our favour with all the thinga happening in world atm. Lets hope for a breakthrough in this year of 2021. Enjoy your day bro 😙😀🤙

enjoy your time 🤟🥰
have a great day legend 🤙🤙

Thats a very accurate interpretation of the current situation! I agree 100%😁💪

Yes indeed, Decentralized is where its at, I'm seeing a positive and epic 2021and for many years to come for Appics and these plarmtforms, we are just getting started, I'm also ready to fly high!!👍🥰🎉

I agree 🤓 now I will have a look at d.Tube! Didn‘t know this platform


lass mich wissen wenn du Einsicht brauchst. hat ne eigene Blockchain und einen eigenen Token. Das votingsystem ist etwas anders aufgesetzt als es auf appics oder anderen bisherigen platformen ist. Wäre der Virus nicht gewesen, hätte wir das Forum, ein jährliches Zusammenkommen der community letzten März in HH gehabt. Ich hoffe ja wir können das dieses Jahr noch irgendwann nachholen. Das wäre ja dann n Heimspiel für dich😅👍🏻


Yea alles klar 🙏

Hello sir
I make a video about 6th monthly APPICS AMBASSADOR AWARD was hosted by @felixsander. Please check my profile to see the video and comment me how is it for my inspiration. Have a great day sir.
Thank you.

Beauty of the life

Nice catching moment my dear! Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson