CLUBHOUSE | are you on Clubhouse already? If yes, drop me your username so I can ...

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... follow you there.
Never heard of clubhouse? It's an app, currently just available for iOS, where you can join or open dedicated rooms to talk about a specific topic. It's like a podcast but in real time, live and you can either just listen in or join the discussions.
A perfect way to promote APPICS to the world outside of our app. Join now and let's have great conversation over there to attract others joining our community🤙🏼


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i already check it and that's so cool ❤️ see you soon here legend 🤙🤙

great news.. I'd like to join here soon. have a great day legend 😚❤️


you too🤙🏼let me know when you joined👍🏻

No I haven’t join there yet cz I have no 🍎


they are working in an android version, so i believe soon everyone can join regardless of the type of phone👍🏻


Ok. I'll join then

I'm not there☹️

Wanted to join already get my invitation code.
But it's not available for Mauritius.


Did you give it a try with a VPN. I have to use it for nearly everything while in China, Iran....

Will check when android will be live. However as I can see this is not crypto related, right

I'll try to spread appics there when I go there 😊

no, first time i heard about, and i'm excluded anyway due to the OS. sorry, i can't support you here to promote appics🙃.


Next will be a desktop version and after that the Android version will be lounched 👍

Yes I do .., Celebration!.... see ya there


I just registered. Hope to be accepted soon