CAN I BE IN THE VLOG? | he asked. I really enjoy recording family memories and d ...

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... ocumenting the moment in time. I believe it will be nice for the kids to watch their childhood year later on the screen.
Have an amazing start into the week legends🤙🏼


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sometimes i regret not having done more videos from the kids. recently we stumbled over some old pictures which ended up with the whole family watching 10 year old videos😊. priceless moment. we already mentally shortlisted some must see scenes for any kind of future celebrations of the kids🤣

Yea bro even if it's horrible editing like our old videos lol, we still enjoy watching them years later, especially our disney trips we did years ago. Have not done alot of them lately but we will get back at it eventually. Technology is so good now I use my phone for it all. Makes it easier too.

You got a content creator in your hands eheh

I always like to look back precious moments 😍🙏

It will be! I have videos and album photos to remember precious times. It is such a good legacy to your kids. Awesome move.🤙🏼

This is very true, photos and videos are really great way to remember precious moments in our life

go ahead legend 🤙🤙
have a great weekend legend 🤙🤙

I'll wait to see your vlog...

You got nice equipment for Vlogs. You should make a video about the tools you use. Im thinking of making one

Ja die finden das wirklich irgendwann sehr lustig. Wir haben viel zuwenig Filme mit unseren Kindern😊

Definitely! Keep filming. This memories are priceless! 📹💯💕

When you look at childhood pictures growing up, those pictures look amazing.. have a good day 😘😘❤️

You are absolutely right. After certain time they will enjoy their childhood memories and that is what I also tried in my wife to capture the beautiful moments of my family member kids. Nice

Sweety 🔥❤️ Good one 🙏🏼