WSB DISRUPTOR | new world order in the financial system by r/wallstreetbets. Had ...

3개월 전

... to jump on this meme train since the disruption of social media made by APPICS is just about to start. We will once make noise just like WSB right now💪🏻
Have an amazing weekend legends.


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What happened to your hair? 😲😄


it got meme'd😂 (check the story behind Reddit & wallstreetbets and you will understand😉)

Bro,I thought at first these bananas in your head 😂


would fit perfectly, we are the apes😉 eating all bananas from the snakes👍🏻

go ahead legend 🪐🤙 have a great weekend legend 🤙🤙


next stop moon on our way to mars🚀🤙🏼



you know it👊🏼

Always the best 😚❤️


Here my mind to you be like- run Legend run..😄


we better fly🚀all together🤙🏼

Johnny Bravo

Woot! I can feel it!👍🚀🤙🚀

Look nice my dear friend 🤩👌🏿✨

Legend 😍❤