OUT OF THE BLUE | I saw STARLINK 18+19 for the first time in real. This morning at ...

3개월 전

... 6.29am one of these "trains" of satellites by SpaceX passed by over Barcelona and I was lucky to witness it. If you want to see my emotions speaking about this experience, check my today's Vlog on D.tube.
Have you ever seen STARLINK in real at the night sky? Check findstarlink.com to find out when they pass over your home town and have a look at it. It is truly marvelous.
Have an amazing weekend legends 🤙🏼


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I am so out of the loop on this one ... this is the world wide internet right?


yeeeeeeeep. high speed everywhere. have a look next night walk with Jerry. you might be lucky to see it🤞🏻its impressive

Very cool! I'm definitely going to watch for it!👍🛰


go for it Karen and let me know when you saw it🤞🏻


Will do my friend!👍

Starlink will deliver hugh speed, broadband internet Satellite services to rural and remote communities, like where I live up in the mountains of B.C Canada and I can't wait until its available here, I will be switching for sure, need more speed!! 🛰 👍😉

Elon Musk calls the Starlink Dish Receiver "A UFO On A Stick," lol,😅📡🛸


he is the fucking legend🤘🏻


Totally LEGENDARY!👍🛰📡🛸

your sparkling eyes speak for it ❣


when grown up kids see big tech for the first time😅

Actually I never see in real. 🙃


have a look to the mentioned website and you can time your slot to possibly see it at the night sky🤞🏻it is magical

I want to see too 😊😊 have a good weekend legend 😚❤️


good luck🤞🏻let me know when you had the chance👍🏻

yeah, I'm definitely going to watch for it😮😮 have a great weekend legend 🤙🤙


🤞🏻have a great weekend too

Trying to spot all kinds of 🛰 while flying, at night. These and the Nordic Lights are my favorite things to spot 🤩


same here🙌🏼absolutely enjoy watching the night sky. nordic lights still have to be checked from the bucket list. check out if you can see starlink, you will enjoy it🤞🏻