SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY | "The best and MOST beautiful things in the world cannot be ...

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... seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."
—Helen Keller
Happy valentine's DAY dear APPICS family ❤️


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Sehr geehrter Hr.Hauptmann @hauptmann bzw. dem Team von dtube forum!
Ich fordere Sie auf mir meine gesendeten 454.984 Steem sofort zurück zu senden! Ich denke das wird auch in ihrem (euren) Sinne sein! Mit freundlichen Grüßen @reiseamateur


Ich weis das diese Nachricht auch auf appics gelesen werden kann, obwohl auf Steemit geschrieben!


Awwwww love birds! 💕🐦 Happy valentines day. Appics is full of romantic today


Thanks Nelli🙌🏼have an amazing start into the week


thanks nelli🙌🏼have an amazing start into the week

Awwww 🤩🌹❤🙏🏼


🙏🏼have a great start into the week my dear

Happy Valentine's day 💖🌹 I love seeing you two together..... Both of you are Incomparable.


cheers bro🙏🏼

So beautifully said, happy Valentines day my friend!🥰🌹❤


Your welcome 🙏

That's a so much amazing 😍



I love both of you. Stay together always. Is she on appics?
Have a great day.


thank you🙏🏼have a wonderful start of the week. yes she is. not very active tho.

Happy valentine day brother 💐❤️🥰


thanks sis👊🏼

Awww! It’s made my DAY 😍💞. Sending much love my friend. Happy Valentines Day🌹❤️.


thank you my friend🙏🏼have a great start of the week👊🏼

Hey hauptmann,
Maybe I missed this post.
I saw this in appics's timeline as a post of the week.

Well deserved.
The blue sky & with love. Have a great week & stay together always. I want every couple to see happy. Be happy.


Awwwww love birds!❤️❤️happy valentines day appics is full of romantic today ❤️❤️

Auf die nächsten 60 Valentins Tage!



😘👋😉 schönes Photo mein Freund, high Five!


danke dir mein bester🙏🏼schönen start in die Woche