Hi friends, My name is Ishrath Mahveen l am from India, I am studying in English ...

4개월 전

... Medium 7th grade a level of education in my nation, my parents are Ismail and @sayeeda,i think you know my mom she is an appics user, i have two siblings, there names are zoya mahera and umaira mahvish.
My future goal is become a doctor.
My Hobbies are playing cricket with my sisters and watching action movies and my favourite cartoon shinchan and i love photography.

This is an introduction post for appics because few days ago appics india ambassador @ajinkyajagtap commented on my post to introduce and share my picture, So i have done my introduction post to appics,
Please Support me.


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Welcome to APPICS family 🥳


thank you mam

Yes welcome to the Appics Family... Where you can meet new friends 🌎


thank you for welcoming me sir yes i have meet new friends sir

welcome to appics my dear child love you lot 😍😍


thank you mom

welcome to the appics family

thank you

Welcome to the family cutiee

thank you brother

Welcome to the Appics family!! Glad to have you here.. 😊 Thanks for the introduction! Do you want to join our Whatsapp Group for Indians using Appics??


yes sir i want to join


Great.. can you send me your mobile number on my email: meetajinkyaj@gmail.com


i have sent my mobile number to you

send me whatsapp group link so i will join


Heyy.. didn't receive your email.. my whatsapp number is +919657903322