I have been watching so many traders and how they chart and just collecting info ...


... over the past 8 years I've been in crypto.

But still I never did day trading, I read a few books on candle sticks, infact I read a few dozen. But I just didn't feel any comfort because I still felt like I never knew what I was doing.

But this last week or so I've been giving it a go and just building my understanding, I'm going through a phase, but I think I did this right.

As you can see we broke the triangle pattern and hit a particular target I had of approx 29800, it hit then I watched how it created like a descending wedge, allowing me to put in a long, currently predicting around just over $35000 then I expect a rebound from that level maybe a rejection taking us down to 27k which I don't believe is that strong then further pushing us to 23k before a continuing the bullish momentum.

However if we break out after 35k it looks like 40k is the target break that and we go up to test our previous all time high, then its unknown territory.

Now this is all hypothetical, please excuse the very large lines, I cannot see properly. Infact I don't even know if I'm doing this right, as I'm very new, so feel free to offer some advice and I'll be sure to take it all on board. I really want to learn now.

This was done on my phone as I was away from my laptop. I am also a little concerned that this was all a strong manipulation due to fud from the media, but they can try attack bitcoin so to increase their holdings.

I don't really know anything, i shorted made a neat profit switched all holdings to DAI stable coin, and bought in at 30k also putting in a long on bybit.

However I'm abit anxious at the moment because I'm uncertain I'm doing it right, so nuch love would be appreciated.



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