Satisfying my craving for Thai Milk Tea at a Thai Restaurant, although the taste ...

4개월 전

... of the Thai Milk Tea is 6/10 but it is still better than no option to drink it at all. Border is still close, not sure for how long before can travel again. I miss travel to Thailand and the roadside food&drink. How about you?


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Missing it a lot

Ohhh, I miss it too 😥


Do you have Thai restaurants nearby to where you live?


Mhhh nice!!😍👍😎


Yeah it is..

Yeah, it just doesn't taste the same. Even the coffee there was really good too. Probably the recipe here is not as good once we tried the real street food.

Which restaurant did you go visit?

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The taste of the drink is not same at all.. perhaps the restaurant have tweak to suit the local taste.. Jatujak


Yor. Then pretty much quite different. I miss their street coffee and tea.