Hi everyone, I'm glad to finally be on here and to be able to share great and original ...


... content as well as meet new and wonderful people🤭. My name as I love to be called is Josh Elior, I'm good at a lot of things and singing is one of them😉. I try to dance sometimes but I'm still learning 😂. I hope you all would enjoy what I have to offer this great community, and once again, I'm glad to be here


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Welcome to APPICS 🙏🤝👏


Thank you so much ☺️💪🏾

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Welcome to Appics


Thank you very much

Welcome Josh, nice to have you here ✋


Thank You so much bro

Finally, you dun show! welcome


Yes bro, i don show finally, thanks bro

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Welcome Josh!


Thank you very much😊

Welcome to APPICS!


Thank you very much 😊

Welcome to APPICS🎉


Thank you, 😊 I'm glad to be here

Hi @joshelior welcome to steem network. I see you like singing, we have steemit open mic contest running now if you interested to join. Details about the contest are here https://steemit.com/openmic/@steemingcurators/steemit-open-mic-is-back-week-150-entries-open-now

looking forward to your participation 😊


Oh wow, im just seeing this now, i would love to participate. I'll try to join as soon as possible 😇


@joshelior looking forward to your participants! just login to steemit.com with the same login details you use for appics 😊