✨ Back in the Day✨ ___ When you thought we were cool. The journey to beginning ...


... of our new California lifestyle.
This was about 14 years ago.

This is me and my brothers on our month long from Arkansas to California and back road trip.

And about few months later we moved out to California.

Interesting story of our backintheday trip.

Do you have some interesting stories with pictures from back in the day? Use the hashtag and tell a short story.


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I'm gonna tell my kids this was the backstreet boys


lol, do it I will play along. . . From the backstreets for sure.


Alright! Duh duh duh duhhhhh


Everybody rock yo body, backstreets back alright!🎶

we always have this kind of moment and it's great to reminisce this when time goes by.👍❤


Yes indeed it's cool 😎 to look back.

Cool shot! So cool to look back at awesome memories and past travels!


Thanks, it's really a good memory and a great story, so many events that changed our lives. Hashtag backintheday could be fun to use.

Interesting! I will participate must 🖐


Awesomeness 👌 please do it will be fun. Hashtag backintheday and a short story of the event. We can check the hashtag and enjoy the short story events that changed your life in Some way.