The desire for romantic love in marriage is deeply rooted in our soul. But main ...

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... taining love is not always easy. The problem is that we often overlook a very important fact: People speak different languages of love. We must be ready to learn the language of love of our partner. Only then can we make love understandable to each other. Spouses rarely speak the same language of love. Normally we speak in the language we are familiar with and are quite perplexed when our partners do not understand what we want to convey. If we want our partner to feel the love we are trying to communicate, we have to express it in his or her mother tongue. I am convinced that it is just as important to have filled up the love tank in marriage as it is for us to make sure that the car does not run out of gas.

Language of love number 1

Praise and recognition

One way to express love is to use a making word. Compliments are effective communicators of love.

Language of love number 2


Together instead of side by side! This means that during a conversation, for example, you are not reading the newspaper or being at your smartphone, but looking into each other's eyes, listening attentively or experiencing something together that means a lot to both of you.

Language of love number 3


If the mother tongue is to give the love of their partner as a gift, then they can learn to use their imagination to find the right one. This language of love is especially easy to learn. When I give a gift to someone, then I occupy myself with them in my thoughts. And the gift is a symbol for this thinking. It doesn't matter if it costs money. What matters is that someone thought of me.

Language of Love Number 4


This is about all the favors and services you do out of love for the other person. You want to make the other person happy by taking things from him. And this is an expression of love.

Language of love number 5

Hugs and kisses

Tenderness is also an excellent medium for the love between man and woman in marriage. Touching hands, kissing and embracing and sexual intercourse are expressions of love for the partner. For some people caresses are the mother tongue of love. Without them they feel unloved. But if they are touched tenderly and extensively, their love potion is filled and they are sure of their partner's love.

Love can only be given away of one's own free will, one cannot force it.

What my spouse criticizes about me is the clearest indication of what mother tongue of love he or she speaks. For we often criticize most vehemently where the greatest emotional lack exists for us. If we see through this, we can answer the critical partner, for example: what you criticize must be very important for you. Please explain to me what is important to you? If a conversation then develops, mutual understanding can grow.

Here are a few tips from us for you.

Try to recognize your mutual mother tongue of love.


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I love this book😍👍5 Sprachen der Liebe

Maintaining love comes from deep inside, from the attraction of 2 souls..if the attraction is lost, love is lost.💝


yes, there's some truth to it. But you must not forget that you always have to work on the fact that the love does not disappear. Incidents even when children are involved

Gosh, thanks for this. I just entered a relationship just a couple of weeks ago and i know the fire is still burning now. But i know sooner or later it will eventually die down. Yes, being open to one another should always be the rule. Faithfulness would just follow.


I wish you all the best. Don't think about the negative right away. Try to think positive. The universe will give you positive things... 🤗


Oh, I agree. Thanks for the heads-up!


Very gladly 🌺