Kindness! 🙏I wrote this 2 years ago and it’s even more accurate today than back ...

2개월 전

... then: > “Did we forget that one small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else's day? What happened to respect, caring and mainstream cultural values of kindness? I sense an immense growing acceptance of self-absorbed and self-serving attitude and to trash each other seems to be the norm and ok. Some people are so rude these days in regard how they treat others. Is it so hard to be nice? “


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Yes, humanity is one of the most endangered words in the world today. People losing their most valuable material that called heart. It's turning to a stone. They are not caring about other people's feeling. They like to talk about other's negative side and like to blame other. Very few people try to use their positive soul

its totally on depends on person!! Its not hard to be nice!! But the bringing the initiative, willingness is getting hard sometimes...Good thought@mammasitta❤❤


I am sure you are


We always like to criticize another person. We take the most pleasure in throwing another person into a dilemma. We are really the best creature in creation?

I remember the song Where Is the Love by Black Eyed Peas, and I realized 17 years ago since its release, things will become worse.