Without the recent events it would not have been so easy for me to choose my picture ...

10개월 전

... for #kidsofappics.

Most of my pictures show me with one of my siblings.

No wonder, because I have six of them in total. Three brothers and three sisters in a colourful patchwork family.

I grew up together with four of them.

Each of the siblings has gone his own way. Over the years in very different directions.

But there are many events we come together to. And sometimes it's as if not much has changed since then... 🏃‍♀️💃🕺🕴️🏃‍♂️

Only that we have all grown and now have much more distinct personalities. Each in his own way.

Partly it was already foreseeable back then.

I'm the second oldest and I've always been the biggest rebel in the family... 😈👻🤡🤬🙉

My younger sister Swantje, on the other hand, was always the most reserved.

And even though I am only rebellious today in absolutely essential moments 😇😉 and my little sister is now making big speeches in front of hundreds of high-ranking chocolate experts, nothing has fundamentally changed.

And so this year she only wanted a small, quick civil wedding ceremony and a cosy party afterwards.

And then came Corona and with every change of plan the whole idea lost its colour.

At some point I said: "Let's just do the civil wedding as it has to be now and then a wedding ceremony in the open air with the most important guests!"

And thanks to Corona there was even a suitable location available...

So she agreed. "Conjure up beautiful moments" was the plan now.

And although I do this professionally, it was a big challenge, because it was about my own sister.

It was so touching to dive deeply into the relationship between my sister and her Sebastian and to describe their two personalities.

And it was a great honour to be able to marry her to her great love in such a significant way.

Who could have guessed that when the upper picture was created?


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thank you ☺️


yes,sooo much ☺️

Wow,thanks for sharing the story and xour beautiful thoughts! I feel so for my siblings too, I have 7. 4 girls, 4 boys, pretty similar and still you can't compare families. I am really glad that her wedding could be partly as she wished it would have and hopefully mlre beautifuö than she dreamed of.


wow. that are many. 😁 so we have kinda same experiences. 😊 Yes, it was wonderful and they were so thankful and happy 😊