Thank you @, Micheal kiberu for hosting this meeting. Thank you @micheal chijioke ...

6개월 전

... for inviting me to the meeting.
Today's zoom meeting was very educative. I was privileged to listen to professionals like @Uma Hagenguth, @Marlon Atherton and @umar sebyala.
@Uma Hagenguth opened my eyes to the future and purpose of appics blockchain.
Appics is not just an app like Instagram, it is a movement, aimed at reaching helping the masses to join the crypto world and earn easily without been a professional in the digital space.
Am glad I zoomed the meeting with my friends, and most of them with doubt about appics , can now say otherwise.
Am happy to invest my time to be part of this future. Appics to the moon💃💃💃🔥🔥💯💯💯♥️♥️


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Welcome my dear.. indeed todays meetup was very educative. Especially my Madam @umaofficial always very intelligent with her pitch. Stay safe dear 😘


Yes she's indeed a role model. Thanks you sir