That Guy (*left*)! Is a Legend. He is from Venezuela and I guess he was already into ...


... crypto for a while, and he and his wife have set up a Shop here In Reus, selling Venezuelan foods and wines - and yep, I saw his shop with a huge B on it and went back later when he was open.

I got him a hive account, with hive on boarding as I'm not upto date any more with making account's.

@lagrualimbafue is the Shops Hive Account!

Yesterday I looked at my ledger balance to find that my btc was gone, the last thing I did with it was to send it in April to the Ledger, but after syncing many times the balance was 0. He told me about the hack of ledger lately and so now I'm trying to get that sorted. If I don't get that back, it would be nearly all my investments gone since the last few years.

Blockchain don't lie though and I have eclvidence of it working before so I should be OK.

I'm back bumming on the street after getting an Airbnb in Reuz, it's seeming much chilled out here than it is 15km away in Salou

Have a great day!


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That is why i do not trust ledger. Sorry man