⚠️ MY NEW ACCOUNT IS @UMAOFFICIAL ⚠️ I see a lot of people still following this ...

2년 전

... account, because it is among the suggested accounts when you first login on APPICS. We will soon update the list! I just wanted to let you know that this account is inactive. If you'd like to follow me it's ➡️ @umaofficial ‼️

Btw. if you didn't know already, today at 7PM (CET) I will be doing a LIVE event, where I will be presenting Appics in an online webinar hosted by the hanseatic blockchain institute on zoom. There will be also an Q&A in the end. it would be great if you could join and support us! The link is in my bio, on my new account @umaofficial Thanks & much love ❤️


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Hey guys! This is my real account 🤗🤍



Wow... You are so beautiful...

So beautiful

Wow gorgeous looking..😍😍😍😍

Best of luck with the live event!! Go Appics!!


Thank you!! 🙏🏽


Your welcome 😊

Copy that dear. Yes, i just recently followed you there though too. Congratulations on the success of the webinar earlier. I still feel bad i wasn't able to join.

Watched it yesterday on Zoom... Great Job Uma 👍 Take Us to the Moon 🌙 💚🤓