Keeping my life together.... A big 'shoulda'in my life is that when my phone started ...

2개월 전

... acting funny when charging, like about two weeks after I got it, I shoulda returned it for a new one... But I had already put in the work of transfering all of my crypto data over to it and migrating into the new top notch phone that I couldn't bear to go back to the old one... The chore that would be.... Heh!...

Compared to the stress and chore of having to use elastics to hold the cord in place and spend up to a half hour fiddling with it some nights. Sometimes exasperated at six percent turning it off and hoping for the best in the morning.

It had been almost two years of this madness.

Putting a lot of hope in a bit of a bull market these days. I need a nu phone.


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