Today has been a beautiful sunny day ☀️after lots of Grey and rainy days. I spend ...

7개월 전

... three hours at the ELBE 🚢⛵☀️enyoing myself and nature 🌼


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Yesssss it was better than the past few days in HH😎

Beautiful photo, sometimes these moments in nature really give you strength and help get through a tough week.

Oh ja ich liebe es auch am und im Wasser zu sein und auch im Wald. Natur gleicht uns wieder aus💗☀️

thats great, either snow or sun during christmas😊. we're still waiting for some sunny days .... hope you can send a little bit of it southwards☀️😉


I'll try my best. 😊

Oh yesss, after feeling like living a moles life without any light. Such a relief☀️

Thank you, and yes that is true