Looking at the sky ...all looks so calm. . On June 7 residents of Lithuania received ...

9개월 전

... an urgent warning: a strong splinter is possible.
From 2 p.m. By midnight, heavy rains with thunderstorms are expected in southern and eastern Lithuania, with occasional scattering of up to 22 m/s, and strong hail.
All people are called to take care of their lives and property, to warn others.

Message has been distributed through the "Resident Alert and Information System", which sends messages to all connected smartphones.
What a BS !


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The calm before the storm??


From what the warning looks, it seems it will be the strongest storm I've ever seen in my 66 year long life.


Ohh.. stay strong and be safe!

Just keep yourself safe sir. :)

Awesome photo! Stay safe my friend 🙏🥰