📚📸PRETTY NICE MICRO VLOG 📸✒ So I would say the appointment went rather well. ...

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... I dont think ill get the quick fix I want but I feel now that this is the beginning of a long journey. The Ortho ordered more specific MRIs of the ball and socket of the joint. That way they can see if theres "true detachment"... ugh.... I have the same kind of injury in my shoulder neck. Rotator cuff and a rib thats not in its pace. They said they'd focus on one area at a time.

So no this isnt over. No , I didn't hear an answer I liked. Im still not giving up. I realized something. It doesn't matter where I run to.... it isnt going to go any faster anywhere else. Put the energy into myself, getting to all these up coming test. Tomorrow I have a test to see if I have a DVT blood clot behind the knee. It will be ok. Its just not going to be easy. It doesn't matter where, who, what, where, its me. I need to focus. Don't let them confuse me. Put energy into getting paperwork, appointments done and in order. Doing this because I want a more comfortable future.


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Painfully sexy?

There will be better and great days again. Try to think positive. I wish you all the best and lots of strength🤗


Well no blood clot. I do have lots of imaging coming up. The doctor was nice. But we will see. She ordered deeper imaging concentrating on the ball and socket of the hip. I have an appointment with the gyno on the 8th. So much. But i feel ots now or never


Well let's see what happen, I hope there will be positive news..

Get well soon and come back stronger than ever 🌹🌹🌹💪💪💪

Hey dear, how are you doing? I've rarely seen kinesio tape used like that im Therapy, did it help with stabilizing? Probably didnt solve the problem, but I hope that some of the therapies made you feel better and help you to hang in on it!