This tree was almost destroyed by lightning. Instead of giving up and dying, it ...

2개월 전

... continued to fight and formed a new treetop......I have never allowed myself to give up because i believe in myself. I want to be stronger than ever before and be able to do anything, no matter how difficult it is.-Hrithik Roshan-


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Right spoken and a good shot👍

Lots to look beautiful. And you put it in a very beautiful way. You really have magic in your hands.❤😍 stay safe..have a great day dear❤❤😍


🙈🙈🙈....thank you so much 🤗💞

Very true words.... You are always great 🥰🥰

true words🙏. as long as you feel and believe in your (given) power you can resist and grow😊.


Appreciate your words 🤗

If that happened here it would have started a forest fire, everything is always so dry in summer!😱🌩️⛈️⚡⚡⚡


This is dramatic😔except in really exceptional situations a forest fire has no chance here.

Yes, we could learn lessons from this, Never give up✊✌

Try something achive ,Your every post, so meaningful post. Never give up.


Charity lives with a thousand souls, selfishness with one, and that one is miserable. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Yes. I try to follow you. I never give up. I try my best to be successful. Best wishes my dear friend. Never give up.


We will all succeed here. My greatest success is that I am able to meet so many lovely people here💞🤗


Wah. Its amazing to here. I hope we will have meet oneday. What you think?


I would really be very pleased about that💞

Yes, you are right... Anyway great captured j👍💯


Many thanks🤗

Great inspiration.. The other meaning of give up means we lost with ourself. Need to fight ourself first to bring out the confidence and try again and again


Well said my friend 🤗💞

you speech absolutely right😍😍

we can learn surviving and never lost attitude from Nature 💪


True words my friend 🤗💋

Welcome 🤗 have a good day ma'am 😘

Nature is the best teacher 😇

Wow! That's Great 😍😍

Beautiful nature

Amazing inspiration 💕🤗

wonderfull dear 😍

that's amazing inspiration

wow beautiful nature 👌👌 good shot mam 👍

really so beautiful. good shot

The tree was very good but I am very sorry to see that it is broken and took the picture very carefully.

But the of othe tree is broken.
But nice snap dear😍

Wow extraordinary

Beautiful place

Nature can recap its lost ❤❤

This tree is destroyed but still beautiful!!😍👌 Beautiful nature👌

This destroyed tree also proves that nature knows no bound😍👌

yes you are right and amazing shot

The tree looks like our life during Covid-19 pandemic. Struggling to survive in any matter.

Extraordinary mam ❤

Beautiful place