I was allowed to observe this red dragonfly very closely. 5680 species of dragonflies ...

2개월 전

... are known worldwide. Some dragonflies can fly backwards. This is very unusual........Life, whether happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, is unusually interesting-George Bernard Shaw-


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Wow!! Very close shot😍 Nice dragonfly dear,attractive colour👌👌

It was really hard to take this shot I think


It was very easy....I try to talk to the animals...sometimes it works😎🤗

Though you are saying you are old but truly sppeking still you are so young & pretty. Very much active you are.


Appreciate your kind words 🤗💋

It was my favorite dragonfly in my childhood & still. I captured a like this. If you want then I can show you that. Wanna see it?


Of course I want to see that😊

As a kid, I used to run to catch these butterflies🥰


I am already old and still running😆🤗

so close shot!! Wonder it didn’t fly!!😇


It might sound funny...I'll talk to the animals first.


It may sound a little strange...but i ask them beforehand if i can take a picture.


not funny!! animal lovers have that kind of connection i think😍🤗

Soo cool, ich liebe dragonflies💗. Die letzten Drachen auf unserer Erde✨


Hast du mal gehört, was für Gräusche sie beim Fliegen machen...ich liebe diese kleinen Drachen🤗


Geräusche🤔? Machen das alle? Oder meinst du das Geräusch von den Flügeln?


Das Flügelschlagen...und sie geben auch Laute von sich wenn sie sich Gegenwehr begeben...gaaaanz leise Zischlaute


Da werde ich das nächste Mal genau hinhören. Vielen Dank für diese spannende Info.

Mam allowed you to take the picture from the fly 😂 anyway extraordinary shot 😍


good job mam ❤

You and your love for quotes, nature etc...makes fun to always read Your words 😃! This feels good and really interesting 🧐. Have a blessed day 🙏🏿


Thank you so much for your kind words 🙏🤗....Have a great day🤗

awesome photography.....

Closer view of the dragonfly 😍 love it a lot dear 👌 what a shot 📷

What a stunning photography😍 wow! That 's a great shot😍

wow..what a wonderful close shot 😍❤it's really amazing ❤ great shot dear❤ stay safe. have a nice day dear❤❤😍

wow that's great and so nice, and goog shot

How you take this picture??? I think you spend a lot of time for take this photography?😄☺️👌❤️

Wow! National Geographic. Dragonflies are the symbolism of cutting through illusion


Wow! Super close up shot with the dragonfly..😍 i was able to play , run with and catch dragonflies during childhood.. love the quote!!!

Good shot beauriful insect 🐝🐝

good shot

Impressive capture 👌👌👌

Basini looked very beautiful and very beautiful and it was very nice to see the picture taken well👌👌

The drangonfly was very close to you😳
But the drangonfly is very beautiful 😍

Wonderful shot dear👌cute dragonfly

Really Beautiful shot 👌👌👌👌

Wow really beautiful and good shot

Beautiful Dragonfly. Good shot

Too close shot 😍😍

Oh Wow that look so freaky close up, like from another planet lol! Cool information about them wow, I had no idea there were so many species and some could fly backwards!! So cool!😱🤯🦟🪰


I didn't know that either... if it wasn't for Appics, i wouldn't have perceived nature like that...

Wonderful shot dear 😱😱😱cute dragonfly 👍👌👌👌

Great portrait😲👌 Amazing shot dear,nice one😍

Very close shot dear😍 Wonderful dragonfly👌

Such a beautiful view.... Nice shot

amazing capture. Good work bro 😍

spannend all diese Details zu sehen 😍und wieder etwas gelernt! Danke!

great shot dear ❤

Beautiful one

Beautiful dragonfly

Thank you so much🤗💞... I always had to know everything...curious what women are like😬

wow great shot 👌

Beautiful n great shot😍😍❤❤❤❤

Close shot😲 Wonderful😱