A sunrise on a foggy morning in autumn has something mystically beautiful for me. ...

2개월 전

... I wish you a wonderful day. 🤗💞
It is believed that mysticism is a secret through which we enter another world; but it is only the secret to live differently in our world-Robert Musil-


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Wow, wonderful view 😁😁😁

Early bird!! a day goes well if you start it with sunrise

Hello!! this is my first comment in appics☺ I am very happy to see your photographs😍

Wow really so beautiful....😱😱have a good day dear❤❤❤


Thx🤗...have a good day too🤗

wow..what a wonderful photo😍😍 i was astonished to see this photo😍 it's really amazing.. have a nice day dear❤


Thank you so much 🤗wish you a wonderful day 💞

It's kind of spooky, you know Halloween is near! 🌫️🌬️👹👿🖤



Very beautiful scenery of this foggy sunrise moment😍 Really awesome shot👌


Thank you so much 🤗

wow...its amazing... rural beauty😍😍😍just awesome photography😍


Thank you 😊

wow so nice view,,, and good shot👌👌

When a sun looking like a a moon. It's really a mystical beauty.

It's a beautiful moment, unfortunately not everyone can see the beauty of sunrise.

Such a beautiful view... Great photo

This is the incoming message of winter 😍😍😍

Good morning... Have a nice day.... Amazing sunrise 🥰


Thank you 🤗

A new sunrise, hope your day will good, have a great day. Love from Bangladesh.


Thank you so much for your kind words 🤗..💞 from Germany

So beautiful foggy morning.


My great pleasure. Thanks for always sharing a positive vibes.

old folks here often told us that the fogs before sunrise have a miracle benefit on our body,and i guess they were right it's not only lift our emotional feeling but let us breathe the fresh air before the morning sun


The old people are right🤗 ...appreciate your words💞


🙏😊.....but it’s the sun😬😎

Fabulous view of sunrise 💞😍

Wonderful day👌beautiful sunrise moment...

It’s really really great photography.... Nice shot my dear 👍🥰

Foggy morning has another beauty...The joy of walking barefoot in the grass in the fog ...I know this feelings really different.........


Nice comment 🤗💞

Seriously the view is so beautiful.
So beautiful dear
I can't explain😘



Beautiful sunrise 🌄 have a good day ma'am 😘


Thx😊...have a great day🤗

Beauty of winter morning 😍

wow really so beautiful.. good shot

A very beautiful picture is really very beautiful 😍😍😍

Btw your photography all time best ❤️❤️



beautiful view 😍

Awesome view👌👌😍😍❤❤

Beautiful view. Great shot

Makes me yearn to move back to the country.

Mystic moment, that looks like a Moment for writing a poem.