Actually, a lot of decoration is done here in our village for Halloween🎃But this ...


... year the gardens are empty 😔 my garden is finally decorated👻💀 To see the amazed eyes of children, the excitement and the smiles of the children gives me joy and fills my heart with love. Especially in this days, we should all make sure that our children do not lose their smiles and joy of life......The world laughs when a child laughs, then the best thing we could do would be to make laughter possible for all children in the world-Hussein Jichi-


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Really nice picture 😬😬😬

Oh ho! Scary 👻 one of the best decorations for Halloween! And the children will enjoy as well,I hope 🤗


🙏🤗... Hopefully they do😊🎃

this little skeleton is looking so cute😂



awee..i was afraid to see this photo..👹👻 great entry dear..stay safe..have a nice day dear❤❤😍

Oh gosh what a unique decoration!


Thank you 🤗💞

your picture also put a smile on my lips😊.


That pleases me 🤗Thanks😊

Ha ha. Great one. Im feeling afraid


Beautifully decorated 👌 looks amazing 😍


🙏☺️‘s only one part of my decoration😬


wow it looks beautiful as well as terrible 😍

wow this is extraordinary shot mam I like it so much 😍


Many thanks 🤗

Beautifully decorated..but I am scared


Thanks🤗....that's not what i wanted😔


Great one lm feeling afraid😍😍❤❤


I'm feeling afraid

Aww no no 😲, I am afraid. But love it. Awesome for Halloween challenge 🙏.

Oooooh, Soooo Spooooky!!😱👻👻👻

So amazing view

Nice picture

wow really so beautiful and good shot dear👌👌

nice photography.good shot

So beautiful

Wonderful art..😍

haha...really love it😍😍

Wow!!! I am afraid

Nicely decorated but when i it suddenly i was scared🙈

Mind blowing picture♥

Fantastic decoration for Halloween.

Wonderful nature🌿🍃

Spooky AF 💀