The Kranner Fountain at the Smetana Dam in Prague. The columns on the fountain r ...


... epresent 16 figures of the Czech regions. It stands in the park of the National Awakening.....
Every life has its measure of suffering. Sometimes this is what causes our awakening-Buddha-


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Great place, nice to see😍

Beauty! Tell me how can I capture like you.


Thank you 🤗...I'm not doing anything special. Here on Appics there are so many people who take much better pictures than i do. I just try to capture what touches me in some way.

what's your device name?! great captured..

touching the sky🤗

Historical and meaningful structure..

wow that's great,so nice beautiful and good shot 👌👌👌

Wow! It's magnificent!🤩🤯

Very beautiful nature.... Nice day

The fountain looks very historic.. and love its background view too! Have lovely day to you 😘

Beautiful place 💯👌, and beautiful picture, made it more attraction.

Wonderful dear ❤❤❤❤👍👍

Amazing view 👌

So amazing and extraoedinary place

Wow great shot

really so beautiful place

wow.. really so beautiful place..good shot


Beautiful place

Such a beautiful view... Great shot 👍

gorgeous place....excellent photography😍

extraordinary place and good shot mam 😍

Wow. Beautiful place

wow so Beautiful place❤❤😍😍

Wow extraordinary

Sky and this beautiful place just perfect

The place is so beautiful 😍

wow its so beautiful 😍

Trying to touch the sky 😍

Mind blowing picture Dear♥ Really great shot👌

Heyyyy😳😳😳 it looks like #Burze_Khalifa 😲😲

Beautiful park