A little bit behind my house you can find the "Apple Avenue ", it’s a small street ...


... lined with apple trees. Collecting fruit by the side of the road is tolerated, but legally speaking, the municipality, county or country are the owners of the fruit ☝️🤫........Adam was a human being; he did not want the apple because of the apple, but only because it was forbidden-Mark Twain-


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Apples are my favourite fruits 🥰🥰🥰

to see want to eat😋😋 apples.. great shot dear😍😍

Wow really nice absulately It’s Really beautiful 😍😍

Wow really nice

Still it's one of my favorite fruit.

Wow! That 's Amazing

An apple a day keeps the Dr away :-)

wonderfull shot mam 😍

Really? I always cut fruit from trees that are on the road or on abandoned houses! I ll think twice next time 😊

But country’s all wealth is for it's population 😄😄

beautifull shot ❤

so beautiful

Beautiful apples 😍

oh Nice 😋😋

wow that's great and so nice,,,,, good shot

wow really so beautiful..

I saw "apple avenue" in tv....but in real never....I think it is really good feelings when you can see such a beautiful garden and can enjoy the view and also you can walk in this avenue😍

Red Apple 😍 i think its so tasty 😋

It’s my favorite fruit... Btw nice shot

I never saw in real life...but one day with you ☺️❣️

I want to pick it 😎

Love apple..😛😋😛😋😛😋

Must be nice to just go at the backyard and pick some apples for breakfast or when I feel like making some apple pie. 😍😍😍

Great shot🍎nice apple

Apple fruit is my favourite one. I wish eating it right now.😋😋😋

Great for you to have reachable natural supermarket for apple near by house. Have a great healthy day!

freshly pick apples are tasty and crunchy when you bite it.Same with here there were many mango trees all over the road and anyone is free to pick as long as they like❤

an apple a day, keeps the doctor away😁

Good shot dear

Have a nice day

Wow.... My favourite

we have more interest in forbidden things 😅

Tasty Fruit 😋

love it😍😍😍

I wanna eat this from the tree😍😍😍😍
And nice snap dear😊