And these are not contrails...they do not fly the normal flight paths and are not ...


... visible in the radar.. 😡...We live in a dangerous age. Man dominates nature before he has learned to control himself-Albert Schweitzer- we must protect our earth🌎


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Real dangerous times we live...

Yes, each and everyone has to protect the earth🌏🌎🌍

This is why I love the steam community. A willingness to examine possibilities while keeping cognitive dissonance in check. Thanks for the post. I’m glad to see it well received.


I also love the community very much. I thank you especially for your comment....The explanation for a behavior is relatively unimportant, more important is that we change the behavior-
Ingo Krawiec-


Sad but true!! This era is so dangerous!! People are always in a hurry! think everything as competition

Yeah dear.
But we have nothing to do.
Don't be sad dear😥

if it's not visible in the radar that's alarming, we need to stay alert in our surroundings

That's like a border in sky for bird empire 🐦 🐦😁😁

Great picture dear

wow the line looks amazing 👍

Very beautiful sky and awesome shot mam 😍

True words ma'am 👍

We must save the mother earth✊

yeh right but we have nothing to do 😞

another great shot from my favorite photographer

wow so nice

What is this? I can't recognize it. Would you like to tell me?


Unfortunately our air is contaminated by dangerous chemicals. They are chemtrails and are propagated as "geoengineering" to fight climate change. For this purpose tons of chemicals are sprayed into our air. The aim is to reflect sunlight to reduce global warming. These toxic chemicals affect our consciousness and damage our organism. Many people think it is conspiracy theories...I think that everyone should inform themselves to make up their own mind. Stay safe🤗


Ok now I understand, stay safe you too.

wow..i was astonished to see this's really amazing..❤ great photography dear🔥❤👌 have a nice day dear❤😍

really so beautiful shot

wow.. good shot

Sir you can actually take very good shots👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤❤

Wow really nice shot

beautifull shot dear ❤

Wonderful dear❤❤❤

Wow really nice shot 👌👌👌👌

amazing photography😍😍

Wow amazing shot

I absolutely agree with you.....but we have nothing to

Beautiful shot dear

Beautiful one

true words buddy❤Our responsibility to protect this world is possible if we are aware of it.❤🙏❤

Yeh right and we must save the mother earth