This is my first entry for the Smiley Appics "Hometown" (favourite place) Challe ...


... nge🤗...High up in the north, between Denmark and Sweden, you can find a small island with very few inhabitants and even fewer tourists. This small island is indescribably beautiful. It is not my home, maybe in a few years it could be💞 During my last stay on Läsö a part of my heart remainded there......Home is where the soul is at home-Reinhard Fondermann-


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What a beautiful place...i like it too 😍😍😍

very quiet and peaceful place🤩. i can understand why you left a piece of your soul here. maybe one day you may get reunited with this piece😊.

wow that's great and good shot

Your hometown is so beautiful... Hope I will be able to drink a coffee with you there 😍

Beautiful place and good shoot👌👌👌

Great picture 😀best of luck

wonderful collection.. and your home so much beautiful as like you dear😍😍 good luck..have a nice day dear..❤

Such a beautiful picture 😍😍

Wow amazing

your place is a paradise for me🤩

You are a great photographer ☺️.. good luck 👍

What a wonderful collection 💕 Best of luck

Beautiful place and great shot dear 👍👍👍❤

wow really so beautiful.. good shot

Ma'am your hometown is really beautiful .......full of nature lovely of luck ❣️😍

wow extraordinary shot and really beautifull your hometown 😍

6 in one..? Very intelligent photographer you are, love it.,❤️💯🙏

Good shot

Charming view..., best of luck 😍

Beautiful place!

Favourite place for any nature lover!!🤩🤩 you are blessed with nature👌

so beautiful view

so beautiful place 😍

All of them is really great.
And best of luck dear😘

Beautiful captured

Wow your home town looks really great 😙

Love your hometown photos entry!🥰

Really beautiful captured

Hope we gonna see you on board this time 😊

wow so beautiful places 😍

sweet home! Good luck🤗

All place are so beautiful best of luck ❣️😘

A peaceful landscape and also a piece of heaven. I used to be in some places there and I could say : different but enjoyable at anytime. I loved it 🤩✨🙏🏿

Beautiful it looks so peaceful there... Land and Sea... Good Luck 🌆🏙

Beautiful photographs

such an awesome photography 😍😍

Congratulation 🎉🥂 have Won... A Honorable Mention In The Smiley Appics Challenge 🔸🍀