Homemade burek filled with feta, in addition, also homemade: falafel, some salad ...


... and sheep's cheese.........The mind is subject to the same laws as the body: both can only be sustained by constant food-Luc de Clapiers-


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that meal looks so delicious...

So yummy food 😋, self-made or restaurant?

  • this food made by you or your family member?

Thx☺️.... I made this myself 😎

Who made this? I think it's so testy


In my kitchen i am the cook 👩‍🍳 😎😬...🤗


What if I want to take the taste of it? What You'll say then? 😁

yummy 👌😋😋 i want to eat dear😋😋😍

homemades are the best❤

Yummy 😋

Yummy, I want some, send me here, Bangladesh 😁🤗

so tasty food 😋

my mouth is watering by seeing this food 👌👌

wow so yummy food😋😋

Looking so yummy 😋

I'm hungry, can you give me some food?😋

Wow! That's a foxy food😋😋

Yummy 😋

wow.. so delicious👌

So teasty food 😋😋

Wow!! It's looking so delicious and testy... 😋😋

delicious food😋😋

Yummy... So delicious 😋💕

It’s looking so delicious and yummy

Mmmmm looks so yummy!😋🤤

So tasty food 😊😊

Looking so testy

Wow really nice food

Looks so delicious and yummies 😋😋

Can we eat some of it po 👶😘

This food looks tasty 😋😋

I'm hungry after seeing it dear.🤤🤤🤤

I'll get that plate and eat all that food now 🤤🤤🤤

Looks so tasty! 🌱😍

Yammy 😍😍😝😝😝

testy food 😋

Always eating healthy food

attractive delicious food😋😋