Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest on it. How quiet they ...


... are, how deeply rooted in being. Let nature teach you silence-Eckhart Tolle-


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Absolutly right spoken and a beautiful shot 👌

if i would be given a chance,i can live with it

eye cooler view 👌📷

Charning view of nature💕

Combination all God loves

We can so much learn from nature!!!

Well said 💯 and Again nice one 🔥, is it the view of humburg?

Yes! That's why I love nature.

beautifull place and great shot dear 😍

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

Green heaven ❤

wow..so beautiful photography.. good shot

And without teaching silence we can't enjoy nature's beauty perfectly.

Nature always teach us how to be silence....,

true words dear❤❤👌it's necessary for us.❤ have a great day dear😍

Beautiful nature

Wow nice shot

amazing sky view bro

Eye-catching natural beauty👌

view of the sky and tree looks so beautiful 😍

wow really this is wonderfull shot mam ❤

wow so nice place and good shot

quite deep thought!! 👌 we can learn everything from nature

so beautiful view and good shot

great photography 😍😍