A few years ago i traveled to Dubai over my birthday in winter. With uncomfortable, ...


... rainy 3 degrees we started from Hamburg. I was excited like a small child. Somehow a little silly, because i had already seen so much of the world. But Dubai is something very special....very special for me: to lie on the beach in December at 25 degrees. I miss this carefree time.......
Think rather about what you have than what you miss! Pick the best of the things you have and then think how eager you would have searched for them if you didn't have them-Mark Aurelius-


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Amazing place...i love Dubai also😍😍😍

It's a really beautiful place. The sea next to it is very beautiful. I was very happy to see the beautiful water. I took the picture very nicely.👌👌

I think in the winter time the mind/body looks alway for a warmer feeling which normal. Traveling in that time is specially important because it’s in my eye the most important time of the year in cold part of the earth. I hope you enjoyed it as it deserve to be. Bless up soul sister ✨🙏🏿


Thank you my soul mate🙏🤗Travelling was/is always a big part of my life. You can read a lot about other countries, customs and traditions but none of that counts. You have to experience the country with all the trimmings.....an other reason to travel is the North German winter🥶🌧❄️💨😬😎


Exactly... I agree definitely ☝🏿

perfect place on perfect shot❤🔥


Many thanks 🤗

It's an expensive paradise there in Dubai. I really wanna go there too.


It's not so expensive... unless you want shopping endlessly😆...But you don't have to go to Dubai for that. Our trips were really not expensive...if we are allowed to travel again, you should just do it😎

So beautiful, I really wish I was there! I definitely want to visit Dubai some day!🥰🤙


It was always a dream of mine. Only this stupid pandemic keeps me from....But not being able to travel is not important. Health is the highest good. Stay safe my friend 😘

wow that's great and good shot👌👌

OMG. Dubai... My dreaming place


That’s so amazing there...i love to be there🤗...sometimes the Appics family will meet there💪☝️😎

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Overall Dubai is amazing.

Wow!! Wonderful place dear😍 Dubai is my dream city🥰 Amazing💙✌


Sometimes we’ll meet there my friend 🤗

Its my one of the favourite beach after Cox's Bazar sea beach 🙂🙃🙃


I did some research...it is the 4th longest beach in the world and the biggest bathing resort in Bangladesh. The pictures in the internet are very nice. I must confess that i had never heard of this beach before. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.🤗


You are wellcome dear... I am so glad to you. So I want some gift from you dear, please give me some vote 🥰🥺

Wow!! It’s really really beautiful

The place is really beautiful 💞💞💞💞

so beautiful place.. good shot

What a good memory to remember.


Yes🤗... hopefully I can go there again😊

I can see Bujj-Al-Arab... Beautiful day..

Wanna visit there immediately 😍😍


You should do☝️🤗

Beautiful beach!! I need a place like this for relaxing 😍

A very beautiful and exciting experience😍😇

wow really very nice place

Wow! That's a stunning view of nature💕

Hope you had enjoy your trip, and yes Dubai is the most beautiful city, so far I know.


Yes....i had a great time there...thanks🤗

Beautiful place.... Nice shot

That is indeed a very beautiful place.. surely an unforgettable experience for you.. have a lovely time my dear 😘


Yes, it was a great time there... Travel is my passion🙈...🤗

wow this is extraordinary place mam 😍

really gorgeous😍😍....dream place for me😑😑

Beautiful place...in our life we have a little carefree time....it's very precious for mental relaxation and we always miss it


True words my friend 🤗

beautiful beach 👌😍

wow such a beautiful place it is !!

Wow !
Wonderful place 😱😱😱😱

Amazing place 😍😍

Wonderful picture dear


Very amazing place

Dubai is one of the most beautiful country.... Love this shot dear👍🥰

Dubai is great city and wish to meet there one day