The world is changing, and in the context of climate change, migratory birds are ...


... changing their behaviour: some stay here and others only leave later - and then not as far as Africa. White storks are staying here more and more often. It is already crazy and surreal that man changes the world in such a way that animals have to change their natural behaviour........We must be the change we want to see in the world-Mahatma Gandhi-


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Amazing picture...very good shot 👍

i do the same observation. we have many stork nests in my city. since a few years the storks stay here all year round.

Great shot dear 👌👌👌

yeah,everything has been changed by the people for the people.🙏🍀

For their existence they must have to change their behaviour .... because we are changing the world ......


Well said my friend 👌🤗

so cute bird 😍 close and good shot 👌📷

Yes everything has been changed, in my childhood I saw many birds like thia but now I don’t find them.


Unfortunately some changes are not so valuable😔

Extraordinary bird. What is the name of this bird?


🙏🤗... It’s a White Stork😉

Very beautiful bird😍 Good shot dear👌☺


...we got the white storks here in Spain mainly in the south and in some of the hotter inner parts for many decades now, they are staying the whole year here.
In my to other two Home-base Cyprus and Sicily it is the same, and yeah some other birds change their habits, may be its time for man to realise what damage we all bring to mother nature, and take action against that so it means that we had to change our behaviour ;)


We definitely have to change our behaviour. Everyone should start to live more consciously and responsibly. 😉

I live in the country and see this a lot! With the weather changes and forest fires etc it really effects everyone and everything...😢


This is crap 😢...It would be nice if we could influence it positively..☝️


Yes indeed!😍

wow absulately It’s Really beautiful 😍


Appreciate your words 🤗

This is really amazing shot 💯🙏, just keep it up, looking forward to next one from you.


Thank you so much 🤗

Development has caused the migration of different animal species, even some go extinct & I don’t think it good for nature.


It is certainly not good for nature. There have been many changes and nature has adapted. But nowadays man is changing our nature..🧐

You're right, a lot of nature has changed because of climate change 😒


That’s sadly true 😔

It is also noticed in our country. In winter a lot of bird come to visit here from different country. But for the reason of global warming their number is decreasing and may be one day they will stop visit here 😔


It would be nice if we could influence it positively🤗

yeh right 😞 human being became danger for animals 😞


Sad but true words 😔

You're right dear by the way, awesome picture ❤


So beautiful and extraordinary bird😍😍😍😍


Beautiful bird🕊good shot

Look so beautiful bird.♥

true said!! Mahatma Gandhi was a noble man in southeast asia


True said!! Mahatma
Gandhi was a noble man
In southeast asia

                 - silly.jyoti

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Amazing shot dear😍

wow that's great and good shot,,,and so nice

so beautiful dear and good shot


Right mam 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍


youre right mam,If we look at how beautiful nature is in a very beautiful way, the biggest problem now is that our nature is changing due to climate change,due to air pollution our climate is increasing, our environment is changing, our natural is changing We need to protect our environment, keep our country away from air pollution, if we are aware our environment will be much safer 😇

Bei uns gibts auch ganz viele Störche. Das ist uns auch schon aufgefallen dass sie hier überwintern. Crazy world🙃

Seeing this scene filled my mind.🥰.....Organisms that adapt to the environment will find natural selection and survive.💯

love it😍😍