My fantasy often takes me to other places or even back to my childhood. Some may ...

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... think it’s silly and nonsensical, others can relate to me. When i passed this tree-mushroom, i had to smile. To me it looks like a little curious leprechaun peeking his head out of the trunk and then got pelted with a snowball. Maybe one of you can recognise it 🤓 🤷‍♀️....I like nonsense, it awakens the brain cells. Fantasy is an necessary ingredient in life-Theodor Seuss Geisel-


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Nice to use the fantasy, there is so much to see in the world😁

Beautiful capture 💜

For me it looked like a head of an ostrich as long as the picture was blured.

It still looks like it with the beak towards the observer.

Never thought how a leprechaun looks like. Might be an option.

Great picture.

There is no age to learn. And out of curiosity we can know many unknowns☺️. You must know this proverb - "Wherever you see ashes - fly away. So you can find diamonds and gems"👍

Great shot dear ❤️❤️💯

It’s very amazing and close shot!

Wow very interest short....
Wonderful picture ❤️❤️

What a Magnificent view❤👌

at first I'm curious what is that white thing so it is a snow ❄, great snap always makes me curious

I played by this in my childhood 😍

This perfectly-timed photo looks like it took a lot of patience and skill.... You are a really good photographer 🥰

This is very amazing! I also played by this.🥰❣️

Childhood memories makes us strong and define us as who we are...!!!! So its not nonsense at all & Your fantasy level is quiet unique.👌😍

Incomparably beautiful nature😍

Wow really good shot Mushroom.❤️👍

Wow,realy beautiful photography,👌👌Dear.

Diese Qualität😍 benutzt du nur dein Handy?

Mam you have a great love on nature...You are a person with full of positive energy 😄 l also love nature but l am for away from nature 👌👌

really this is awesome shot mam 😍

Wow. Really so beautiful, 💕

wow 😍😍

wow so beautiful shot

Your image is very beautiful and the pages look very beautiful👌👌

Great one view 😍😍

Amazing shot 😍😍

wow its so beautiful 😍

beauty of nature 😍

What a excellent view 👌👌👌

it is really amazing photography😍....looks awesome

Missing you dear!😞 There is no other way to contact with you, that's why I had comment here again. Hope you are well. Love you so much, take care💙😘❣️

I can relate!! and whatever it is, nonsense or sense! It is precious 🧡

this called childhood memories. 🥰😍 that's amazing, stay safe and have a great day my dear friend 🥰