KEEP YOUR KIDNEY HEALTHY It's almost 2 weeks I was inactive in Appics. Some days ...


... ago I got a bad news that my younger brother had a stone on his kidney and it had to be removed immediately. So a small operation had to be done with ESWL technology and he is fine now
What i am gonna say today that most of us are not aware about our health. The main problem is our food habit. We like to have those food that is not good for our health. And day by day poison storing in our body and it affects our different organs badly. So be care about your food chart that is most important. Drink a lot of water, remove the habit of having much salt, eat a lot of vegetables etc. Don't eat much food that contains a lot of phosphorus.
Today's small awareness can save you from future's huge danger


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Welcome back bhai. Yes, health is wealth.


Yes brother. Stay healthy stay happy. Thank you 🙏

Lots of prayer for ur brother and thanks for coming back with this informative post. I will try to obey your advice...


Happy to know that you got it useful. Thank you so much 🙏

Charming analyses 👌 good food only for good healthy 💪


Yes, thank you mam 🙏

Welcome back dada, hope everything will be fine soon, don't worry.


Yes dada Allah vorosa. Thank you dada 💙🙏

Welcome back, basically, the nutrients in vegetables are everything but people don’t want to understand


Yes, need awareness.. Thank you vai 💙🙏

It's on hard times when we decided to Open a Window for reflection the goal is to have that Window Open a d prevent, seeking a healthy life, the most valuable thing, i'm currently on that procces, sending vibes, thank You for the good reminder


True words.. Thank you so much... 🙏

Love that creative idea💡 ...


Thank you my friend 🙏.. I just made what in my imagination

welcome back brother!🙏 that's a good awareness post👌 we should take care of ourselves


Yes, thank you 🙏💙


Thank you 🙏

Many many blessings for your brother. May Allah heal hiadvickly. Thanks for your advicee STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY Bro


him quickly*


Same to you brother. Thank you so much for your kind word 🙏💙

I agree with you. The food we eat is such an important part to health 😇 thanks for your input and blessings to your brother!


Yes miss therapist 🙂... Thank you so much...