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Spider-Man's getting handsy with the kitty lol 😂


I'm gonna have a quiet word with Spiderman I think. This is not the first time it has happened ;)

Too comfortable! 😂😂😻🎉❤️


Exactly! Naughty spiderman ;)

Hi Sam, I've been trying to getting touch for a while to see how you guys are, anyway I found this link on your instagram and I left you a message there with my email hopefully you'll get that! Hope all is good with you and the family, Ally (from Guildford) xx


Ally! Now way. So great to see you here in decentralised land. Didn't even know I had an instagram account??? If I do, I haven't used it for a long time!

Anyway... glad you are here.

Much has changed in the world since we last spoke. How you doing?

And when are you moving to the Pyrenees to come join us? ;)

OMG, haha what a lounger and total couch potato!!😂🤣🐱😹


Yeah right. She does seem to sleep a lot! Oh, to be a cat ;)