Created this Illustration to spread awareness of upcoming technologies. I think People ...


... will more and more come to point and have to decide, if they will keep their freedom or living in a society which will bring a lot of advantages but for high price and this our rights, freedom and sovereignty. We already have to think about, what we already have and what it does for our environment, nature and health. I think everything has its price, there is nothing positive to have also a negative effect beside it. Technogies are created to make life easier and to entertain us, but on the other hand it makes it easier to control and keep track of everything we do. What will come next? AR, AI, Blockchain etc all of this is made for a digital age, it will help us organize our life, make things more secure and transparent, but at the same time it keeps us more and more away to think by ourself or at least has the potential to do it. So never follow a trend or be to convenient for everything what is coming, without thinking if it’s really worth it. Blockchain is a really powerful tool, which can benefits our life a lot, if we keep it completly decentralized. And also very important is to exchange knowledge and freedom of speech, no big tech company should have the power stop us getting information. That’s why neutral platforms like Appics and others are so important for all of us. Let my know how you see the future, is it something you are afraid of or are think upcoming technologies will bring a lot of benefits?


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This is an amazing write up. And you are really right. Blockchain is futuristic and we're probably just scratching the surface of its endless possibilities. Thank you for really taking your time to write this. I'm impressed!

You are so right "Everything Has A Price" all our freedoms are currently taken away due to covid19. And I think it will continue into the future but in many different ways. I CHOOSE FREEDOM! And Im just glad I live an hour from town up in the mountains and can enjoy freedom and early retirement outside!


Sounds good back to nature 🙂

Obviously upcoming technology has a lot of benefit for us. Specially blockchain technology as my opinion

Yeah,You are right

Yeah it's really..!

I don't know much about blockchain technology and underlying coding. But small doubt started on this concept of decentralisation after that mis happening on Steemit 4 days back.

Nice illustration 😍😍

I agree with you

It's really nice quote..God Bless

so amazing illustration bro 👍 good job done by you ❤❤

Good looking to Attractive !!!

Absolutely agree with you! Blockchain and future tech should assist people and help in assisting people, but not by sacrificing the basics of freedom! All major corporations will try and use Blockchain to control people, but we need to make a stand and stay away! In Appics i trust!

Aweosome illustration by you 👍👍😎

Yeah, you are right...good shot