TIME WINDOW - today was a cloudy day except for a few minutes. i was happy to catch ...

6개월 전

... some rays of sunshine during this short time☀️. sometimes you are in the right place at the right time😊. - did you also have your happy moments today?


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Absolutely. Working hard on my allotment today (preparations for the spring time) gave me that feeling, you describe.💯


👍 the sun gets stronger and spring is not too far away☀️. not too early to start practicing🙃

The feeling that you are in the right place at the right time is wonderful!
I caught a bit of sunshine too today, in this cold winter days..☀️🌨️


👍great 😊 at the moment sunny days are rare, especially during weekends😊.

Yess at work. Iv enjoyed my day working.
And cooking for guest 😁❤️💯 to please them.


👍 someone has to look after the guests so they can enjoy the stay and feel comfortable 🙏


Yess bro we work hard to please our guest.
Our happiness lies in that. ❤️💯🙏

Love being out in the sun and snow for those awesome vitamins we miss in the winter months!🥰❄🌨🌄


👍 i try to do the same😊. but in the last either i was working or it was clouded.


Yes, same here. The past couple days its been clear, sunny but really cold out, now we have more snow coming...🙄🌨❄🌫🌬

i got my happy moments during the weekendwith family.. g


glad to see you happy and enjoying 😍

I've too...Today I played carrom all day long😅


great👍 i also used to play carrom from time to time, but was a terrible player 😊.

Actually yes and I am about to post one of them! Lovely shot! Mine is red


🙏 really a nice moment you catched there 😊

I love your innconct face 🤩