Behind Every Mask 🎭There Is A Face, And Behind That A Story. Facial expressions ...

2년 전

... often say more than a thousand words.
Since we are now required to wear masks due to the current pandemic, the lower parts of our faces are often covered - but that doesn’t stop us from connecting and interacting with each other. Because whatever emotions are hidden within us, our eyes can bring to the surface. They are the gateway to our soul! 👁

Thank you to everyone who joined the recent #smileyappics challenge!
It is exciting to see how all the participants creatively implemented a mask into their photo showing us how they master the current health regulations 😷 and still keep smiling!

I am certainly not participating in the competition but I am dedicating this post to #smileyappics and bring more awareness to the challenge.
Good luck everyone 🍀💪🏾


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Who are you? I think I know you 😀



Wow you are a ninja 🤣🤣


Sometimes 😉

Ninja Win.🤗 Love the looks


Thanks 😉

I love the person behind the musk.😷😷

Love you sir💙 best wishes for the challenge☺ stay safe🤗 I am very curious see the face,to hear the story😍


I think everyone has a story to tell. The masks won’t stop us from connecting and expressing our emotions!

The Appics Gangsta 😅😜💝💝

Interesting sir! I have uploaded a post with smileyappics expressing slightly same meaning ☺


Awesome! Good luck for the challenge 🍀 looking so good ❤❤


Absolutely right 👍👌

your thought is absolutely right sir❤❤


Thanks! Appreciate it.

So true my friend, I love this Snap of you! "Our eyes are definitely the gateway to our souls" and can say a lot! I really loved this challenge and showing many different Expressions, while smiling and laughing! 😉 Looking forward to seeing more entries!


Me too! It is exciting to see how creative people got and to read their stories!

Not only facial expressions also body language, your body language in the videos is interesting. Reminds me to analytic friends I had, but my institution could be wrong, my mind doesn’t define reality after all ;)


You’re right. Body language is as important as facial expressions. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

Ninja mode on 😎👌


Definitely 😉

what a look sir and well said 😍👍


so nice

Cute eyes

Wise words. Nice post bro! Be safe 🙏🏾


Appreciate it!! You too!

"A story needed to be shared". Eyes are the gateway to our soul, deep words!!!. Thanks for sharing those impactful words with yours. I feel like lifting up a mountajn mehn, Lemme go and try it out💪💪. Thanks sir😁😁


Thank you for your kind words! Happy that I could inspire you 🙏🏾

Great look

Best of luck for the challenge 😍😍


I’m not participating but I also wish everyone good luck for the challenge 🙌🏾

What a surprise 🎉 Wise Words. You’re looking good Ninja style... 😷We Love 💚 Appics 🚀 🍀



Beautiful sentiment!


Thanks a lot :)




Happy to be a part of the #smileyappics challenge... Good luck to all 👍😊

Really u r so great👌👌


Thanks. I appreciate it 🙏🏾 We all are great in our own ways!

Absolutely 👍

And we need to let them out. And share the stories:)


I agree 👌🏾

Great shot Tony🌞


Thank you, Tatiana! :)

Hehehe somebody already won! You won the hearts of everyone here. Nice to see you joined us sir!


Of course! I really appreciate your kind words 🙌🏾

Nice one👍😄😄


Thank you :)

This is so true

True words...💞

yeh well said sir 👍 our eyes can also reflect what's going on our mind 😇 we can read one's feeling by their eyes 😍

Nice shot 📸

Happy Birthday Brotherman. Keep flying as always!!


Thanks! Appreciate it 🙏🏾

Happy birthday to you sir.. Always keep smiling like your smileyappics content.. Also always make people smile like you ☺


Definitely 😉 Thanks a lot!

Happy birthday man! Keep winnig💪


Thank you! Let’s keep winning together 😉💪🏾

..heard it was your birthday???...if, all the very best wishes from here!!!...wish you a successful happy relaxed heart and love fulfilled healthy funny time!... enjoy....


Yes it was! Thanks a lot. Appreciate the kind words 😌



Happy birthday dear Tony ✨🤩🔥🎁🎂🎊🎉🍾🚀!!!


Thank you 🙏🏾😌

Test. 😉


Test 2😁🤷🏼🔨